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Juvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training Academy
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Professionalism and competence in working with youth and families begins with the process of certification. Continued education and training are essential for the professional to remain informed and on the "cutting edge" of the Department of Juvenile Justice's mission.

In addition to the basic, preservice certification training for Residential/Commitment Services, Juvenile Probation (Intervention Services), and Detention Services, the Juvenile Justice Training Academy offers advanced training to enhance professional development.

Although departmental monitoring by Quality Assurance does require (in most cases) 40 hours per year of continued training, the Department of Juvenile Justice does not mandate specific training topics for fulfilling this Quality Assurance standard.

The following training events have been designed and can be delivered by the Juvenile Justice Training Academies at the request of various Department of Juvenile Justice programs. To request scheduling advanced training events for your agency or to request further information, e-mail or call the Registrar at 850-875-4822 or SunCom 282-4822.

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