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Juvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training AcademyJuvenile Justice Training Academy
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Recommended In-Service Training For
All Juvenile Justice Professionals

Advanced Human Diversity
This class is designed to encourage the participants to explore their personal world view and identify their individuality. Participants will examine how their personal values may hinder or strengthen the worker/client relationship. Participants will learn to build positive working relationships and realize the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Advanced Train-The-Trainer
This session is designed to enhance the facilitation skills of novice and experienced trainers. This class will address verbal and non-verbal communication skills and their ability to interfere with, or enhance learning. Participants will have an opportunity to evaluate personal presentation styles through use of audio visual equipment.

Bloodborne Pathogens
This class focuses on common bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis B, and HIV. Topics will include modes of transmission, symptoms, infection control procedures to reduce exposure, proper disposal of hazardous waste, and Florida laws and policies regarding confidentiality.

Ethics in the Workplace
This class is designed to assist staff with identifying and practicing appropriate and ethical work habits.

Juvenile Justice Overview
This class focuses on Department of Juvenile Justice organization, interaction Juvenile Justice agencies, case process, and appropriate law and policy issues that effect how juveniles are moved through the system.

Native American Ethnicity and Racism
This class is designed to acquaint Juvenile Justice workers with the experiences and effects of racism on American Indians.

Reporting Child Abuse
This class is designed to assist staff in understanding and complying with the statutory requirements for reporting child abuse and institutional child abuse.

Report Writing
This class is designed to assist staff in the correct and effective writing of reports. The focus will be on documenting behavior in measurable terms, reviewing the elements of report writing and writing narratives, and filling out required forms, reports and logs.

Situational Leadership: Managing and Motivating for Performance
A practical, easy to understand approach to effective leadership as an influence process. Training addresses identification, understanding and use of appropriate leadership behaviors that match the competence and commitment levels of staff. Participants will enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills while responding to the needs of followers.

Stress Management
This class highlights the complete picture of stress management with a specific focus on the special stressors in the professional life of Juvenile Justice staff. The class will discuss strategies for managing and coping with stress.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Overview
This is the first of a three-part series class designed to provide a basic knowledge of the dynamics of substance abuse and addiction.

Supervisory Training
This class is designed to develop skills for being an effective supervisor in the new millennium. Different supervisory styles are highlighted and critiqued for relevancy in today's workplace.

Team Building With True Colors
This workshop focuses on building team unity in a non-threatening, fun environment. Participants will identify their own predominant personality type. Participants will then share their professional work styles with each other to obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation of differences that makes each of us "tick." The focus will be on "strengths" that each personality style offers the workplace.

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